Rocket scooter


Can you sit on a rocket?

Your little one will race through the house on this rocket scooter. But you can just as easily put the rocket in the nursery as decoration. This children’s furniture is even fun in the living room!

Colour: red transparent with a beautiful white lacquered seat
Demensions: (h) 30cm, (b) 37cm, (d) 54cm
Delivery time: 2 weeks. The Rocket scooter is made especially for you after ordering.



Rocket scooter walker


The rocket scooter is suitable for children who can independently move around. All three wheels can rotate 360 degrees around their axes, making the Rocket scooter very agile.

If the surface is smooth and has no irregularities, the Rocket scooter can also be used outside. Just beware of sand or mud for the wheels can quickly wear out and get stuck. When getting back inside the house, check the wheels for pebbles to prevent damage to your floor. Do not leave the Rocket Scooter in the rain or sun. The rocket scooter is made of wood and can therefore be affected. If ever a wheel might break, you can order it easily.




Do’s and Dont’s

  • Children should always use it under the supervision of an adult.
  • It is meant for children who can move independently.
  • The rocket scooter can tip over if it is used on irregular surfaces, so always use it on flat surfaces.
  • Do not let a child use the Rocket Scooter on a staircase, hill, mountain, bridge, or near water.
  • The child should always wear shoes during use.
  • Let only one child ride at a time, more than one makes the chance of tipping over bigger.
  • Standing on the Rocket scooter is not recommended, the child can fall.
  • Clean the Rocket scooter occasionally with a slightly damp cloth and soap for proper maintenance.


Qboo responsible wood choice
The Rocket scooter is made of a durable birch plywood with a transparent melamine top layer. This keeps the beautiful drawing of the wood visible. Moreover, it is very suitable for children’s furniture. It is hygienic, easy to take off and it does not smell or discolour.

In the editing video you can see step by step how to easily put the rocket scooter together.

qboo | fun futniture



<h4><strong>Montagevideo Raketkast</strong></h4>

In de montagevideo laten we zien hoe je het makkelijkst de Raketscooter in elkaar zet. Je kunt de video op elk moment op pauze zetten. Zo kun je in je eigen tempo de Raketscooter monteren.

<strong>Wat heb je nodig?
</strong>Het enige wat je nodig hebt is een kruiskopschroevendraaier


qboo | fun furniture


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