Rocket cabinet


Can you put a rocket next to your bed?

This rocket fits everywhere and also fits a lot inside. Not only a picture to see, but also a perfect place to exhibit all kinds of stuff. The rocket cabinets are available in different heights, 150cm, 180cm and 210cm high.

Colour: red transparent
Dimensions: (h)150cm, (b)60cm, (d)60cm | (h)180cm, (b)70cm, (d)70cm | (h)210cm, (b)80cm, (d)80cm
Delivery time: 2 weeks. The Rocket cabinet will be made especially for you after ordering.




Rocket cabinet

Ready for lift off!
This cabinet is a real eyecatcher in every room. How fun is it to launch a collection of robots, cuddly toys or whatever you want in this cupboard into your favorite showpieces.

The rocket cabinets consist of four uprights made of 18mm thick birch plywood. These uprights are connected with specially designed stainless steel angle plates. All round planks are clamped by these uprights. This makes the rocket box easy to assemble.

Qboo responsible wood choice
The Rocket cabinet is made of a durable birch plywood with a transparent melamine top layer. This keeps the beautiful drawing of the wood visible. Moreover, it is very suitable for children’s furniture. It is hygienic, easy to take off and it does not smell or discolour.

In the editing video you can see step by step how to put the rocket box together the easiest.








qboo | fun furniture


Installation video Rocket cabinet


In the editing video, we show how to assemble the Rocket cabinet the easiest way. You can pause the video at any time. So you can assemble theRocket cabinet at your own pace. In this video you see the Rocket cabinet of 150cm high. The assembly of the 180cm en 210cm Rocket cabinet are the same.

What do you need?
For assembly you need a Phillips screwdriver and the included hex key.


qboo | fun furniture


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