K-chair or -bench


Finally your own chair or bench with the K of …

We have them all, from A to Z. A chair, rocking chair, bench or a table. So much choice! All our furniture is made from a durable birch plywood with a transparent melamine top layer. This keeps the beautiful drawing of the wood visible. withal, it is very suitable for children furniture. It is hygienic, easy to clean and it does not smell or discolour.

Colour: white transparent and taupe transparent
Chair size: (h) 40cm (15.8″), (w) 35cm (13.8″), (d) 35cm (13.8″)
Bench size: (h) 40cm (15.8″), (w) 74cm (29.1″), (d) 35cm (13.8″)
Delivery time: 2 weeks. All our products are specially made after ordering.


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The whole alphabet, (rocking) chairs, benches or tables


If we then design letter seats, all letters of the alphabet must be possible, right? The chairs are designed so that they stand firmly and have no sharp points.

Letters are in charge
The letters themselves indicated what they wanted to be. For example, the ‘F-P-V and Y’ can not stand on their own and have to become rocking chairs. The ‘I-M-Z and X’ are most beautiful as tables. The ‘W’ is stubborn and just has to become a workbench.

All letters can also be obtained as benches or long tables. So you can sit comfortably together, or rock together.


Alphabet furniture with the Turnover bed
The alphabet furniture is fully tuned to the Turnover bed of Qboo. So it is possible to make a cozy sitting area with the bed. Or you can use the furniture as a bedside table.


qboo | funfurniture


Installation video ABZ furniture


In the video Siora shows you how easy the assembly of the ABZ furniture is. You can pause the video at any time, so you can assemble the furniture at your own pace. In this video you can see the assembly of the B-bench. All other furniture assembly will be the same way. Childishly simple right?

What do you need?
All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.


qboo |fun furniture


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