Heli cupboard


Fly to great heights.

This helicopter cupboard is multifunctional. But especially beautiful and cool. Get in and fly to great heights. Bookshelf, storage cupboard and writing table with storage compartment for all your crayons and paper. What else do you want! Fly of course!

Color: blue transparent and a beautiful oak structure
Dimensions: (h) 125cm, (b) 160cm, (d) 50cm
Delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks. The helicopter will be made especially for you after ordering.



Cabinet, bookshelf and desk in one helicopter


Storage room for toys or clothing. You can also make a hanging cupboard with the extra supplied wardrobe rod

The wicks are the bookshelf. But of course you can also display your most beautiful toys.

The tail of the helicopter is an ideal place for children to sit and make beautiful drawings. There is extra space under the worktop to store some things.

Heli cupboard
But above all a lot of fun! Get in and fly into your adventure

Qboo responsible wood choice
The colored parts and doors are made of a durable birch plywood with a transparent melamine top layer. This keeps the beautiful drawing of the wood visible. Moreover, it is very suitable for children’s furniture. It is hygienic, easy to take off and it does not smell or discolour. The cabinet part is made of a beautiful oak structure and is easy to put together yourself.

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