Creating, that is what we prefer to do. We are Jan Dirk Porsius and Ruben Wurms, two fathers with a passion for inventing and making furniture. Jan Dirk gained a lot of experience as a designer at Edenspiekermann and Ruben in his own interior construction company. Previously, we mainly designed – with love – on behalf of clients, but we decided to use our creativity and skills for a whole new brand in children’s furniture: qboo.

Our sources of inspiration? Daughter Siora (JD) and sons Levi and Aron (R). Or rather, their inexhaustible imagination and their view on things. For them, a cardboard box can be a boat. Or a house. Even a plane. By the time you’re an adult, you usually only see a box. Too bad, isn’t it?

For us adults, furniture must be functional and beautiful. We have added an extra element for qboo: fun. Fun furniture! For children and their parents. We hope that you will enjoy our furniture as much as we do when we invent and develop it.


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Fun Furniture

Qboo furniture is made with love and pleasure!

fun functional

Fun and functional, but also very durable


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